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We are a small software development company based in the New England region of
New South Wales Australia, specialising in programming and server management.


We have a small team of professionals dedicated to the requirements of your business with over 50 years of combined computing experience.

Windows Servers

Windows Server 2016,
Hyper-V Server 2016,
Windows Server 2012R2,
Windows Server 2012,
Windows Server 2008,

Microsoft Servers

Exchange Server 2016, 2013 & 2008,
SharePoint Server 2012,
Team Server 2015,
Internet Information Server (IIS),
Active Directory,
Domain Name Server

Microsoft Servers

Lync Server,
Multipoint Server,
Hyper-V Server,
WSUS Server,
RDP Server.

Linux Servers

Apache Server,
Samba Server,
MySQL Server,
Nginx Server,
Pro FTP Server,
Open SSH Server.


We offer a complete range of computer services to assist in making your Business run more efficiently and cost effective, from custom software to server management, automated server routines and monitoring.

Software Development

We can write custom software designed with your business in mind. Custom software can both minimise administration tasks and also provide automated operations for those tedious tasks.

Server Automation

We create custom scripts to automatically carry out server maintenance and management along with the configuration of new users.

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring allows the ability for us to both notify you and also begin the repairs on your server even before you know that a problem exists.

Automate the update processes

If you need to complete regular updates for your software from other websites, we are able to automate this process which majorly reduces your working downtime, allowing you to get on with the more important things.


Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss your computer needs including any general, independent computer advice.


Address: Tamworth
Phone: 0400 19 42 42

Please feel free to Contact Us

We really believe that there is no such thing as asking a stupid question, so please do not hesitate to contact us at Peel Valley Software and we will endeavour to answer any of your questions.